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I would never purchase an integrated amplifier with a DAC or phono stage residing in the same box. To me, that's like buying an active loudspeaker. Why would I pollute a fine audio component with a non-upgradeable and possibly third-rate ancillary For digital, I want a super-quality DAC like the HoloAudio Spring I used for this review.

For my moving-coil cartridges I want a step-up transformer and the best tubed phono stage I can afford. If you look at the front, you'll see a modestly thick brushed-aluminum faceplate with a small OLED display that tells me only where the volume level is set, plus a power-on button, three input-selector buttons, a mute button, and an IR window for the heavy, brushed-aluminum remote control.

Very clean and minimal. I could not lift the INT into or out of its box without help. I wrote Nelson Pass an email asking him to give me some new words to explain to my readers why the XA25 amp drives so many loudspeakers with so much dynamic authority and unmatched transparency. He responded: "The XA25 has a very simple topology using some new parts and uniquely operating them in push-pull class-A without degeneration.

Developing the.

nelson pass forum

Interestingly your 'no feedback' solid-state amplifiers routinely depend on degeneration in the gain stages to control the stability and distortion, and so do not achieve the same characteristics that help make SET tube amps so popular. The result is more life to the character and improved dynamics. This is not a big surprise; degenerating resistors are usually inserted to 'tame' a transistor's personality.

You'll also learn how the INT's amplifier section compares to the other power amplifiers stacked by my equipment rack. Instead of all that heavy lifting, I decided to use only three transducers: the Harbeth M The moment the Rhinemaidens appeared, it was obvious the INT was reaching extra-deep and extra-microscopically into this uniquely spacious recording. The voices of Alberich and Wellgunde and the huge force of the Vienna Philharmonic came from a more vast, more precisely described three-dimensional space than I had ever before noticed.

Those qualities made this spellbinding recording even more vivid and dramatic. I mean, who out there doesn't enjoy "watching" a Wagner opera from microphones positioned just above the performers' heads This slightly elevated view makes me feel like a detached spirit hovering above and among ancient gods.

This landmark recording, produced by Decca's John Culshaw and recorded by Kenneth Wilkinson, cast a top star in every role and had them perform on an enormous studio stage with a grid painted on the floor.

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Each singer's choreographed movements were mapped out to simulate a scaled-down version of an actual performance. Listening with the Harbeth This newfound dimensionality appeared to be related to the INT's greater depth of field: Performers' voices seemed more in focus no matter where they were positioned on Decca's studio stage. The walls of the Decca studio were more discernable.

They're also friendly with low-power class-A solid-state designs by Nelson Pass. Why would I pollute a fine audio component with a non-upgradeable and possibly third-rate ancillary". Why, firstly, would anyone have any faith in the sound-quality chops of such an amplifier when the highest-quality audio source i. Does this reviewer kid himself or, more importantly, his readers that such designers use live, all-analogue FM broadcasts to design, test, and voice their amplifiers, or is he content for such amplifiers to be designed with digital audio signals as their source?

Even if a turntable source was used presumably using a non-'third-rate' phono stagehow could any end-user know how such an amplifier would sound with vinyl unless the same phono-stage used by the manufacturer in design or the reviewer in appraisal were also purchased alongside?

It behooves amplifier designers -- people like Pass in particular -- to use the best quality source available in designing their kit and if there's no phono input then it wasn't used.Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Newbie - Constructing a Nelson Pass class A amplifier. Search Forums New Posts. I love how rugged this amplifier is with its large bandwidth.

I'm a newbie so I've just researched alternative transistors and tried a few in place of the old ones. It hasn't worked. I'm wondering if anyone can provide any insight. I'm so new to electronics I probably missed a connection or misplaced a resistor. Hardly know what those things do, I'm willing to pay a little for someone to help me with my projects if anyone wants to hear me out over PM. I'll list my replacements chosen. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a little motivation?

Scroll to continue with content. Audioguru again Joined Oct 21, 1, Audioguru again said:. Your project is an antique home heater and produces only a low output power.

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A modern IC amplifier produces much more output power with a small amount of heat. Its distortion cannot be heard and is difficult to measure its tiny amount. I fixed the battery. Still not getting an amplified signal. AlbertHall Joined Jun 4, 10, Do you have a multimeter and do you know how to test transistors? Ian0 Joined Aug 7, Why do I get a error on the View attachment link?

Ian0 said:. On the other website forum that also has this discussion, a link to this this old Nelson Pass amplifier was posted.Last Page. Yesterday PM by Variac. Nelson Pass.

nelson pass forum

Yesterday PM by thomasnadeau. Zen Mod.

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Yesterday AM by woofertester. Sticky: F5 Turbo Builders Thread 1 2 Sticky: Pictures of your diy Pass amplifier 1 2 Sticky: Aleph-X builder's thread. Sticky: DIY progress report 1 2 Sticky: The diyAudio build guides 1 2 Sticky: X backengineered here 1 2 DIY biamp crossover 1 2 Yesterday PM by solarstabi. Aleph J build guide for noobs 1 2 Yesterday PM by evanc.

Yesterday PM by Audiobear. Wayne's BA linestage 1 2 Yesterday PM by thompsontechs. ACA amp with premium parts 1 2 Watt's the Deal? There is no such thing as a perfect amplifier.

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All audiophiles and their associated equipment have specific needs, but in each case there is such a thing as a best amplifier - the one that makes you happy. First Watt exists because I wanted to explore a variety of amplifier designs in what I think of as neglected areas - amplifiers that might not fit into the mainstream and are probably not appropriate to my more commercial enterprise, Pass Labs.

With oddball characteristics and output power ratings of 25 watts or less, First Watt is not for most people. If you have efficient loudspeakers, listen at reasonable levels and are obsessed about subjective performance, then you probably have come to the right place. If you want reliable audio product, then you really have come to the right place. For twelve years First Watt has had a near-zero failure rate. First Watt amplifiers are routinely compared with tube amplifiers, although I make a point that they are not designed to mimic tubes as such.

These amplifiers share some of the characteristics of the better tube products in that they have simple circuits with minimal or no feedback and emphasize performance of individual gain devices.

In some ways they are better than tubes, in other ways perhaps not. The F1 and F2 are both current source as opposed to voltage source amplifiers with no feedback. The F3 offers single-stage single-ended operation with new Jfet power transistors. The F4 is a push-pull current buffer with no voltage gain or feedback, and the F5 is a uniquely high performance push-pull amplifier with feedback. The J2 and M2 continue to push the envelope in unique ways.

And there is more to come. Please feel free to send me an email: nelson passlabs. Everybody gets a reply, but the volume is high and it might take a while, especially if I'm at the beach.

If you don't get a response within 2 weeks, send it again. Copyright General Amplifier.By jwcMay 12, in 2-Channel Home Audio.

Chinese copy of Aleph 3. Google Firstwatt Aleph 3 for more info. A gamble buying but who knows, might work long time and sound good. I do know to build a copy using decent good parts in USA would cost almost twice the selling price. I use these cutters all the time at work and use both variants.

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The Chinese ones are excellent. The price is low enough to just try it without need to agonize over it. The eBay ad also mentions returns, and eBay merchant ratings are valuable commodities to protect by the sellers if they're rated high.

I believe that those NP amps aren't currently being produced by NP, and are available only as kits as William mentioned above, so I don't see any "moral issues" with trying one out.

It may be a real jewel. It's a really spectacular amplifier for the TADs. First Watt was Pass's "kitchen table" project to experiment with different circuits, power transistors etc. It was his way to experiment outside the Pass Labs box.

Now all First Watt are assembled by Pass Labs. Each series would be limited to 50 or pieces. Each will have its own little flavor, nuance taken from differing circuits, power transistors, single ended, zero feedback, push pull I would recommend the audio site 6moons for reviews on each amp in the FW line.

What I can say is the editor there was a staunch tube head, and exotic tubes, until he discovered FW and Pass Labs.

nelson pass forum

He no longer considers tubes as his reference. Sorry to ramble Actually, I personally find Srajan Ebaen 's writing to be among the least useful sort of "purple prose audiophilia" that I've ever read.

I'm not sure why NP chose him to review his First Watt amplifiers and other hardware. Srajan must posses some sort of secret handshake. I'd much rather recommend diyAudio in the Pass Labs section NP himself gives much better reviews of his own gear there as well as on his First Watt website. His diyAudio forum name is "Nelson Pass".

And you'll typically find much more comprehensible comments on the sound of the amplifiers by real people that build stuff, and that have a little understanding of the physics of amplification and electron devices. I see a consistent correlation of user preference between output power of First Watt and Pass Lab amplifiers and those that use passive crossovers in their loudspeakers when talking about First Watt amplifiers.This privacy statement describes how PassDIY collects and uses the personal information you provide on our Web site: passdiy.

It also describes the choices available…. Logo goes here. Remember Me. Forgotten Password. Project Categories List Amplifiers. Hanging some output transistors on the original and beefing up the power supply is best… More In Part I, we discussed its origins and direct predecessor, the Pass A40, as well as some general guidelines to follow before… More Obviously it is much less expensive to use the chassis and power supply, pots, connectors, switches, PC… More This article is about building your own all-FET Circlotron.

It smashes atoms.

Newbie - Constructing a Nelson Pass class A amplifier

No, strike that. Until fairly recently, the favorite technique for removing distortion components… More In class… More This belief has particularly been dominant since… More The design addresses the audiophile's enthusiasm for singleended amplification, but is even more interesting for its exploration of… More The planning, layout, and construction of the chassis metalwork are… More On the one hand, it is tempting to design a complex circuit… More However, some of these designs… More The first is simplicity.

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The second is linearity. Einstein said, "Everything… More Since writing the article I have had an… More More importantly,… More This is part 2 of many parts in which we explore some of the ways to make a very simple audio amplifier. In… More In this part, we create a power supply regulator suitable for the Zen amplifier projects. Previous… More These improvements are contained in parts… More It makes for an interesting illustration of design technique, since more complex… More Patent 5, describes an amplifying circuit topology that takes advantage of the character of matched balanced amplifiers that are cross-coupled to provide cancellation of distortion and noise.

The… More You can check them out… More The focus of the project was on the… More General Inquiries: sherilyn passlabs.LOG IN. I own a Threshold S series ll amp and even with a 4 ohm load you can hardly tell the amp is powered on. It runs extremely cool yet sounds hot especially in the critical midrange. Is this the Stasis topolgy? Or does anyone know? Any info would be appreciated.

Write to Nelson Pass at Pass Labs. He designed it. D, Couldn't find too much on this. He might be another good person to contact, if you haven't already. Thankyou very much for your input.

Bombaywalla, you have especially provided some excellent information. I will call Jon Soderberg to find out more information and to see if this amp can be upgraded however I am reluctant since it may change what is already a very excellent sound. Maybe he can convince me otherwise. While delving through some of my Threshold archive papers the following was found on the Stasis topolgy.

nelson pass forum

No overall negative feedback is employed around the amplifier system. No output protection circuits are utilized. Active constant current sourcing is employed at every gain stage. Power is sourced through a one kilowatt transformer and greater than a 70k microfarads capicitance. Thats the basics of the Stasis topolgy.

Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room

I have an original factory brochure on this power amp I can copy and send you if needed. Phd check out the amp form Thread Threshold S or Forte 4A There is a mod that you can do which involes moving the transformer forward 3 or 4 inches.

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I've done it with my S and the differance was huge. Your S is very good but it can be much better with this Mod. Ferrari I have read some of your great reviews on the Forte Amps. Came across them when I was buying a Forte Model 6. But I have been looking everywhere for info on the S if I could get a copy of the manual I would really appreciate it.

I would even come over and wash your Ferrari for you if you give me the keys!!! Ferrari thankyou for your recent post on this slightly older thread. The info you provided will no doubt help other interested parties as well.